Featuring the talents of award winning

culinary artist, T.D. Roe and a cast of

many gifted food service, floral,

and entertainment specialists, Artistic

Entertaining aspires to plan and present

events of magnificent proportion.

Whether the pageantry of a formal

wedding or a clam-bake on the beach, Ali

Tucker and her staff take care of the

details, helping to make you feel like a guest at your own party.

Assortment of Bottled Juices - $1.50 per person
...apple, cranberry, orange

Fresh Bakery Tray - $3.50 per person
...fruit breads, pecan bread, muffins, cinnamon rolls

Stratus (sausage, ham, vegetable) - $4.50 per person
... an egg casserole (similar to an omelet) topped with cheddar cheese

Quiches - $12.00 per nine-inch pie
... asparagus and swiss cheese, sausage and provolone cheese, broccoli and cheddar cheese, ham and swiss cheese, or bacon and onion

Red-Skinned Breakfast Potatoes - $1.50 per person
... pan-sautéed with onions and seasonings

Full Coffee Service - $1.50 per person
... rentals required for over 20 people

If you would prefer to purchase a complete continental breakfast,
the cost would be $9.95 per person.
As well, we welcome the opportunity to create a customized brunch menu for your special shower or celebration - please don't hesitate to ask.

$5.00 per loaf

Mixed Berry
Lemon Poppy Seed
Apple Cinnamon
Butter Pound
Chocolate Chip

~ $7.00/dozen ~

Cocktail Weiner Wraps
... children's favorite

~ $10.00/dozen ~

Mini Baked New Potatoes
... with assorted toppings

Sausage & Cheese Puffs
... served with marinara sauce

Assorted Petite Quiche

Skewered Tortellini
... with pesto marinade

Croque Monsieur
... ham & gruyere

Croque Madame
... turkey & gruyere

Buffalo Style Wings

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs

Sweet & Sour Rumaki
... water chesnuts wrapped in bacon

Chinese Egg Rolls
... with sweet & sour sauce

Parmesan Chicken Wings

Chicken Quesadillas
... with salsa and sour cream

Miniature Pizza

Jalapeño Poppers

~ $12.00/dozen ~

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Chicken Tenders
... with honey mustard, barbecue or sweet and sour sauce

Skewered Sesame Chicken

Mini Reubens

Cheddar-Scallion Puffs

~ $14.00/dozen ~

Smoked Mozzarella Gougeres
... with sundried tomato mousse

Coconut Chicken
... with apricot diping sauce

Roasted Red Pepper Wrapped Scallops

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon

Wontons With Raspberry and Brie

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms on Foccacia

Mini Crab Cakes
... with chili mayonnaise

Asparagus-Cheese Fritters

Wild Mushroom Strudel

Parmesan Artichoke Hearts

Spiced Roast Beef in Mini Yorkshire Puddings

Brie Encroute ($15.00/five-inch round)

~ $10.00/dozen ~

Cucumber Rounds
... with French herbed cream cheese

Ham & Asparagus Roll-Ups

Vegetable Tartlets

Deviled Eggs

Crab Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Crab STuffed Pea Pods

Tortilla Roll-Ups

... with balsamic vinaigrette

~ $12.00/dozen ~

Shrimp Tartlets

Smoked Salmon Sides

Market Prices

Shrimp Cocktail

Seafood Raw Bar

Small (serves 8 - 10) - $22.50
Medium (serves 15-20) - $25.00
Large (serves 25) - $45.00

Fresh Fruit Tray

Domestic Cheese & Crackers

Antipasto ($25.00, $40.00, $55.00)

Garden Fresh Vegetable Crudite
... with dill dip

Imported Cheese & Crackers
... with fresh fruits ($25.00, $40.00, $50.00)

Working with renowned culinary artist T.D. Roe, Ali Tucker can create an exquisite hand-carved and painted watermelon, pumpkin, or other fruit display for your special event.

Small (serves 8 - 10) - $20.00
Medium (serves 15 - 20) - $25.00
Large (serves 25) - $35.00

Seven Layer Mexican Dip
... with Tostito rounds

Queso con Galletas
... Mexican cheese dip with Tosito rounds

Crabmeat Cocktail Dip
... with onion crackers

Spinach Dip
... served in a pumpernickel boule

Ali Tucker's signature sandwiches served on two-inch white rolls.

~ $2.00 per sandwich ~

The Massachusetts
Hand-carved turkey breast, herb stuffing, lettuce, tomato, & mayonnaise

The New Hampshire
Roast beef, muenster cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomato, and a creamy horseradish dressing

The Vermont
Ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard

The Maine
White albacore tuna salad

The Rhode Island
A traditional Italian sub made with ham, salami, provolone cheese, tomato, red onion, and Italian dressing

The Connecticut
Pan-sautéed chicken salad

The New England
Mayonnaise, hard-boiled egg, and sweet pickle relish

The New York
Deli corned beef with Swiss cheese & Russian dressing

The California
A vegetarian's delight - Muenster cheese, tomato, onion cucumber, avocado, and spinach with tangy vinaigrette

$9.50 per person - available on a buffet tray or in individual white bags

Includes a full-sized sandwich (on your choice of white, hearty wheat, soft sesame, crusty Italian, caramelized onion or marble rye), your choice of salty snack (potato chips, Doritos, Fritos, pretzels, or Cheetos), a pickle, and a chocolate chip cookie (assorted petite sweets available upon request - buffet only.)
Please ask about daily specials.

For Groups of 25 or more
$2.50 per person

Clam Chowder
Crab Bisque
Reuben Soup
Beef or Chicken Vegetable
Baked Potato & Cheese
Cream of Broccoli
Cream of Mushroom

~ $1.75 per person ~

Red-Skinned Potato Salad
... red-skinned potatoes with our secret blend of ingredients

Tortellini Salad
... tangy vinaigrette

Cole Slaw
... creamy cabbage blend

Italian Pasta Salad
... bowtie pasta tossed with chopped tomatoes, onions, and green peppers

~ $2.00 per person ~

Garden Salad
... lettuce with tomato, cucumber, and onion

Spinach Salad
... spinach, tomato, onion, Swiss cheese, egg, and bacon served with our very own sweet and sour dressing

Caesar Salad
... romaine lettuce topped with tomatoes and homemade croutons

~ $2.50 per person ~

Taco Salad
... fresh greens with tomato, onion, and shredded cheddar cheese topped with crumbed nacho chips and mexicali dressing
(seasoned chicken or beef - $1.00 additional)

Chef Julienne Salad
... fesh greens with tomato, onion, cucumber, egg, turkey, ham, cheddar cheese, and Swiss cheese

Italian Chopped Salad
... fresh greens with chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber, salami, ham, and provolone cheese

Spring Greens Salad
... with goat cheese, pecans, and balsamic vinaigrette

Oriental Orzo Salad
... extra large freshly-made orzo with a julienne of peapods, carrots, and cucumbers topped with lemongrass Thai dressing

Green Bean Salad
... with gorgonzola & walnut vinaigrette

Bibb & Asian Pear Salad
... with a warm dressing of applewood-smoked bacon and beaujolais wine

Capri Salad
... tomato, mozzarella, & basil

Delicious Homemade Dressings:

Ranch, Italian, Thousand Island, French, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Blue Cheese, Sweet & Sour, Peppercorn, & Raspberry Vinaigrette

Entrees include your choice of salad, potato, and vegetable, homemade breads and rolls with butter, and a selection of Ali Tucker's petite sweets.

~ Chicken ~

Chicken Fajita Bar - $11.00

Chicken Cozumel - $11.00
... an enticing combination of sautéed chicken, mushrooms, and red onions layered together with flour tortillas in a creamy mushroom sauce and topped with cheddar cheese

Sautéed Chicken with Broccoli - $11.00
... served with penne pasta and tossed in a garlic butter sauce

Sautéed Chicken with Mushrooms and Artichokes - $12.00
... in a light parmesan cheese sauce

Cajun Chicken Breast - $13.00
... spicy butter sauce

Chicken Champagne - $13.00
... mushrooms, onions, champagne, and cream

Chicken Citron - $13.00
... lemon wine sauce

Chicken Breast Vesuvio - $13.00
... lemon and herbs

Chicken Florentine - $13.00
... spinach, provolone, and hollandaise sauce

Chicken Parmesan - $13.50

~ Beef ~

Fresh Mashed Potato Shepherd's Pie - $12.00
... roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, onions, and savory gravy

Beef Fajita Bar - $12.00

Sliced Round of Beef Au Jus - $14.00

Beef Tenderloin - $18.00

Tender Aged New York Strip Steak (12 oz.) - $24.00

Filet Mignon - Market Price

~Pork, Lamb, & Veal ~

Pork Medallions - $11.00

Roast Pork with Apple Mustard Sauce - $13.00

Veal Parmigiana - $16.50

Veal Medallions with Marsala Mushrooms & Shallots - $18.00

Lion Lam Chops with Fresh Mint Jelly - $18.50

~ Seafood ~

Shrimp Fajita Bar - $14.00

Broiled Orange Roughy - $15.00
... with lemon butter

Shrimp Aegean - $17.00
... shrimp and julienne of spring vegetables in a spicy lobster sauce, served over tuxedo pasta

Scallop & Shrimp Kabobs - $17.00
... with orange-fennel vinaigrette

Glazed Halibut - $17.50
... with ginger butter sauce

Grilled Salmon - $18.00
... with lemon vinaigrette

Baked Stuffed Sole - $18.00
... crabmeat stuffing with Newburg sauce

~Combinations ~

4 oz. Filet Mignon & 4 oz. Chicken - $22.00

4 oz. Chicken & 4 oz. Salmon - $20.00

Surf & Turf - $23.00
... 4 oz. Filet Mignon & 3 baked, stuffed shrimp

~Pasta ~

Stuffed Shells - $10.00
... an Italian favorite, traditional shell pasta with ricotta cheese filling, topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese

Lasagne - $10.00
... a classic Italian entrée, pasta layered with a traditional ricotta cheese filling. Also available with ground beef for an additional $1.25 per person

Farfalle with Shitakes, Peas, & Proscuitto - $12.00

Shrimp & Bowtie Pasta - $12.00
... fresh gulf shrimp, sautéed mushrooms, and bowtie pasta, tossed in a creamy three cheese sauce with a touch of sherry

Asparagus Lemon Pasta - $12.00
... bowtie pasta and fresh asparagus in a light lemon parmesan cream

$2.00 per person

Garlic Mashed

Au Gratin

Baked with Butter, Sour Cream, & Chives

Warm German Potato Salad

Red Skin with Butter & Dill

Rice Pilaf

Chef's Fresh Pasta

$2.00 per person

Peas with Sautéed Mushrooms

Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

Stir Fry

Green Beans Almondine

Glazed Carrots


Asparagus ($1.25 extra)

$3.00 per serving

Chef's Assorted Pies - daily

Homemade Cheesecake

Ice Cream Sundaes (hot fudge, caramel, or strawberry)

Fruit Shortcake (strawberry, blueberry, or raspberry)

Mousse (chocolate, raspberry, or vanilla)

$8.50 per dozen

Thumbprint Cookies (raspberry, strawberry, or apricot)

Chocolate Dipped or Plain Macaroons

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Brownies

Toffee-Topped Caramel Brownies

Sour Lemon Squares

Miniature Pecan Pie Cups

Miniature Cherry, Strawberry, or Raspberry Cheesecakes

Miniature Chocolate Éclairs

Toffee Bars

Carrot Cakes

Chocolate Raspberry Crumb Bars

Apple Crumb Bars

Coconut Layer Bars

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

~ All desserts are available boxed, trayed, or beautifully displayed for your special event in the form of a "sweet table". ~

Tea Cookies - 3 for $1.00
Jumbo Cookies - $1.25 each

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip with Pecans

White Chocolate Chip

Butterscotch Chip

Oatmeal Raisin
Oatmeal Butterscotch

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Dipped in Chocolate

Chocolate Dipped in White Chocolate

$15.00 for one pound, $25.00 for two pounds


Caramel Pecan Turtles

Chocolate or Chocolate Nut Fudge ( $8.95 per pound )

Gourmet Caramel (Taffy) Apples ( $4.50 each )

~ Ali Tucker will provide standard white plates, silverware, and napkins. Decorated paper goods are available at an additional cost. Delivery and set-up are included within a 5-mile radius - all other locations are $35.00. Servers are also available for $20.00 per hour.

We hope you've enjoyed our tempting tastes.

Let us help you plan your next even as you celebrate:

New Year's Eve * Super Bowl * Valentine's Day * St. Patrick's Day * Baby Showers

(Peter Rabbit, Dolls, Baby Animals) * Christmas /Holiday * Easter * Communion

* Graduation * Bridal Showers * Anniversary * Birthday * Renunions * Memorial/

Funeral * Luncheons * Political Fundraisers * Business Lunch parties

... and our specialty: the wedding of your dreams.

Other Specialty party packages include:

Hawaiin Luau * African Safari * Lunch with Fantasia the Mermaid * The Patriot's

Picnic * A New England Clambake * Texas BBQ * High Tea

We'll take care of the invitations, decorations, flowers, favors, balloons, tents, rental equipment, complete food and beverage service, entertainment, and much more!

We look forward to your call!

Ali Tucker 13145 Raphael, Lemont, IL 60439 tel 630.243.8665 fax 425.699.3148 email: carlysam@aol.com